Fußballer Marken (04): Sebastian Deisler

Nächste Folge der Fußballer Marken, heute Sebastian Deisler:

Registernummer: 30003754
Wortmarke: Sebastian Deisler
Nizzaklassen: 09, 14, 21, 24
Markeninhaber: Sebastian Deisler
Anmeldedatum: 20. Januar 2000

Registernummer: 39914701
Nizzaklassen: 25, 03, 16, 18, 28
Markeninhaber: Sebastian Deisler
Anmeldedatum: 12. März 1999

Registernummer: 4435806 (Europäische Gemeinschaftsmarke)
Wortmarke: Sebastian Deisler
Nizzaklassen: 03, 06, 09, 16, 18, 25, 28, 32, 35, 38, 41
Markeninhaber: Sebastian Deisler
Anmeldedatum: 12. Mai 2005

Quellen: DPMA, HABM

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Hello,I came from CHINA,Sebastian Deisler is my favourite football player,I think he is the best right middlefield in the world,his free kick is not bad than David Beckham.I appreciate of his special character and own style.because of him,DEUTSCHLAND became my favourite Country.But bad luck he always injuried,he has wonderful talent but broken heart.Missed the chance to the WC2006 is a big shock for him,but he did’nt
give up,GREAT!!!He is a real man,Stand up to fight . I think he will have a great future in BAYERN…..The club needs him ,the country needs him,we needs him.He is the best ,I believe! Good luck!!!!

my blog’s website is http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1230035151

wait for your answer!!
thank you.

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